The fresh air. The sunshine. The water. The Earth is one of the greatest healers. This past year I’ve realized that spending time outside is something my soul needs. It is essential to my healing process – my growth.

Spirituality is the foundation of my life and the natural world is a place where I can connect on a deeper level with the Holy Spirit – a place where I feel free. Free to create, free to express myself, free to talk to my angels.

A few weeks ago, I decided to take a walk. I hopped in the car, drove to my favorite forest preserve & opened my eyes. Natural creation never fails to amaze me and I’ve learned so much from listening to the sounds of the Earth.

“I believe in the sun. In the tangle of human failures or fear, greed and forgetfulness, the sun gives me clarity”
Joy Harjo

The reality is that all art stems from creation… there is art everywhere we look – answers to our most pressing questions – inspiration calling us to keep going. I was drawn to the patterns in the ice on this particular day – the lines, the movement, the stories the frozen water was trying to tell me. These patterns brought out of my head and into the present moment – to the beauty surrounding me. There is breathtaking beauty everywhere, we just have to stop where we are and open our eyes.

*featured image from Unsplash