a photo exploration.

Below you will find a short series of photos I took with my iPhone on my recent vacation to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

⁣Ever since I was diagnosed with Celiac disease (in 2015), walking has been immensely healing for me – somewhat of a constant when it comes to what my body allows when my autoimmune disease flares up.

A couple days before leaving for this trip, I found myself in the ER – my second visit within a 7 month period. I was stressed, scared, filled with pain & I ended up leaving the ER confused with the orders to just wait it out and take OTC painkillers.

Turns out I experienced this weird freak thing with my omentum… the discharge papers filed it under omental torsion / mental infarction. From what I understand… my omentum somehow became twisted and kinked which was what caused the severe pain in my abdomen. If you aren’t familiar with the omentum, I suggest googling it because I still don’t fully understand what happened & the doctor didn’t explain it very well.

I remember sitting in the ER, after 4 hours of tests & scans and I overheard the doctor calling a surgeon in the hallway to get an opinion on my condition. Talk about anxiety. I was supposed to be getting on a plane in 48 hours and here I am thinking I might have to have surgery.

⁣After the doctor comes in, he explains that the surgeon said it wasn’t serious enough for surgery so the only thing I could do was take painkillers (800mg of them daily) and wait for the pain to subside.

I prayed and I meditated and I asked the Holy Spirit for healing… and here I am two weeks later having walked miles and miles and miles (pain-free) 💕⁣

As I walk… I heal, I grow, I learn, I fall, I get back up, I see the world, I meet new people, I interact with the Earth… and for all of those things – I am beyond grateful. 🙏🏼 Live in the moment, always thank God for the little things and fill yourself with peace & good good love ✨🍒🌿⁣