it’s that time of year again . . .

. . . where the cool fall breeze meets nights filled with apple cider & scary stories.

Whether you like it or not, summertime has come to an end. Until next year! There is something so special and ritualistic about the changing of the seasons. The seasons of the midwest remind me of the magic of cycles… from beginning to end and everything in the middle. The changing of the seasons allows me to sit in the cycle of life, the cycles of the moon, the cycles of femininity . . .

As we move into this next season (as we move with the lunar phases), it is important to set intentions and keep your goals in check. I am in a bit of a transitional phase in my life. I just finished my contract at the company I was at for a year and I am looking for new work. Along with that, my creative soul has been yearning for something different & exciting. I have been spending a lot of time working on abstract artwork (while grooving to tunes like the ones on this playlist).

I feel that art & music go hand in hand. Music is ESSENTIAL to my personal creative process. The sounds and vibrations of music help dictate the flow of creativity, the rhythm of line, the melody of the paint, the harmony of colors. I am ready for a new chapter and these new tunes that help push me toward a new season, filled with new goals.

check out my latest playlist below for some spooky groovy tunes!

Another season. another playlist. it’s time for some new vibes! If you know me, you know sad music is kind of my jam (i am a pisces…). This playlist is filled with some solid tunes – old & new. I hope that these songs help you transition into a new season of your life, sparking your creative energy & guiding you towards everything this life has to offer 🙂

I highlighted some of my favorite songs below & linked the Spotify playlist to the end of this post. I will add my Spooky playlist from last year as well in case you wanna jam to that too! <3 Cheers!

Highlighted Songs

Drunk on Halloween by Wallows

A true Halloween-themed jam, bringing me back to my high school crushes. The retro feel of this song & the vintage influences make this a great fall soundtrack.

Sesame Syrup by Cigarettes After Sex

VIBES VIBES VIBES. I just recently starting listening to Cigarettes After Sex and their music is so chill and relaxing. Perfect to listen to while journaling or relaxing on a rainy day.

Pumpkin by Islands

I found this song on an Indie Halloween playlist & I have been hooked ever since. Digging the dreamy vocals paired with the electronic intro.

Mortal Projections by djo

Does anyone else love Stranger Things? If you wanna bless your ears with Steve Harrington (aka Joe Keery), look no further! I have been blasting his songs on repeat – look for his debut album coming out soon!

playlist linked below! hope you enjoy spooky season!

peace & love – kendall

If you want more . . . you will find my first Spooky playlist below.

*all images from Unsplash