back again w/ another spotify playlist : this dreamy mix is a concoction of surf rock, bedroom pop & retro bops… these are tunes to chill you out & get your head in the clouds. sensual & soothing.

day dreaming in solitude

Music is one of my many forms of therapy… these particular songs have helped me to find peace & stillness. I’ve been listening to this playlist on my trips to Lake Bluff to spend time by Lake Michigan & on the trails by my house to spend time with the trees. Listening to these songs in solitude has helped clear my head and redirect my negative thoughts into positive ones. From the soft harmonies to the soft picking of the guitar strings – sounds can help you heal.

from surf rock to bedroom pop

I swear all these songs need to be played on vinyl but that is just my preferred method of listening and also not possible for most of these albums. I wanted to get a mix of genres in this playlist and still keep that sensual, calming vibe I was seeking. I added some new, some old and some in between for your listening pleasure. I hope these songs help to ground you and find your center 🙂

Highlighted songs

A dreamy tune born out of psychedelic soul, you just want to close your eyes & sway to the smooth sounds.

You call me up at night
Imaginary lines
Are you gonna go back to sleep
I know you better

Over the Moon | The Marias

The production of this song is dreamlike – especially with some of the verses echoing making you feel as if you are in-between reality & another universe. This song is off of Fervent, Raury’s new meditative, soul-inspiring album.

Thneed | Raury

The harmonies in this song are so relaxing… as are the many tunes of the Beach Boys. It has influences from doo-wop that bring up feelings of nostalgia from my childhood as I grew up on the songs of the 1950s.

Lavender (Take 4) | The Beach Boys

This tune makes me feel like I’m on the middle of a deserted desert highway, dreaming of a lost love… digging’ this song-writing.

“Dream on, baby
Were his last words to me…
So dreamin baby
Took that corkscrewed highway…
Lightless miles, miles and miles”

Road Head | Japanese Breakfast

Thanks for taking the time to read & listen. Peace + love from my heart.

– Kendall

*all images (besides album covers) from unsplash 🙂