Owl: Am I correct in assuming it is a rather blustery day outside?

Piglet: Yes sir Owl, it is a very very blustery day outside.

from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh


Over the past two weeks, I have been attending a virtual healing circle. This afternoon we were led in a shamanic journey in which we connected with the four elements: fire, air, earth and water. We walked down a wooded path where I was met with a sense of stillness where I listened to what the elements had to say.

image from unsplash

I have always held a deep connection to the water but today, the wind stepped forward and asked me to listen. With an open mind and an open heart, I sat. The spring breeze surrounded me. I felt the air on my face and my shoulders as my hair softly swayed with the trees. Throughout my walk through the tall grasses and the pines, I felt completely grounded… at peace.

I had a vision of me riding my bike, coasting down a steep hill with the cool air hitting my face. Another vision appeared as I drove down a country road with the windows open… the summer wind felt warm on my skin as the sun was turning day into night. I can’t help but daydream of the fresh mountain air or the winds turn into waves as I sit on my kayak in the middle of the lake… and as quickly as I melted into the magical forest, I found myself back in the tall grasses as the cleansing wind blew softly.

image from unsplash

This is when I received a message from the wind… the wind told me let the heaviness of the world go. Lean into the light, the airy, the openness… breathe it in and let the heavy things go…

Breathe in… breathe out… SING! Be mindful & aware of the air around you. Sway with the branches of the trees. Listen to the birdsong emanating from the winds above. Let the soft winds cleanse your body + soul. Close your eyes, reach out & touch the air… thank the air for everything it does.

a video i took a few years ago at one of the many beautiful forest preserves in northern IL… where I often go to find my peace.

While looking deeper into the element of air and pondering what I learned during my journey, I can’t help but be reminded of the current global situation. Humanity has been faced with a respiratory virus, a virus that attacks the lungs… compromising the ability to breathe… to obtain air…

Oh, sweet synchronicities…

The many lessons from the wind… reminding me that I have much to learn from the elements, mother earth and the very air we are so fortunate to breathe…

image from unsplash

I will leave you with these lyrics from the wonderful Maggie Rogers, written during hikes in the great state of Alaska (where I hope to find myself one day) …

And now, breathe deep
I’m inhaling
You and I, there’s air in between
Leave me be
I’m exhaling

Alaska | Maggie Rogers

Breathe in, breathe out… sending you peace & all the love. – Kendall

what i have been listening to this evening 🙂