Hi there!

I’m Kendall! I am a creative soul that thrives on exploration, creativity, spirituality, self-reflection and self-discovery. I have many passions but I really believe that my purpose on this planet is to use my creative & spiritual gifts to bring connection, reflection, peace & art to those around me. I am always trying to learn more about the world and build on my understanding of life and all that it brings. My creative journey has been life-long and I am so grateful to be here to share it with all of you. 

What does it mean to be free?

This is the question that brought this blog + website to life. I created To Be Free in 2018 shortly after graduating college. College was a very tumultuous time for me. Those 4 years brought a lot of pain, heartbreak, challenge and stress. It also brought healing, breakthrough, transformation and what was the beginning of a deeper journey into spirituality, creativity & self-discovery.

This blog has brought me so much joy and has been a special place for me to heal while sharing some of my stories, struggles and experience. Storytelling is a sacred gift and the connection that it brings can heal the deepest of wounds. I thank you for visiting this special space of mine and for taking the time to interact with my art.

To be an artist is to be vulnerable – to put your heart and soul on display. I hope that my words and my art can encourage you to follow your passions and to open your heart to the fire that burns deep within. I hope that you can cultivate your own sacred space where you can reflect on what it means to be human, where you can ponder the meaning of the world around us, where you can discover your answer to this question: what does it mean to be free?