The Lovelight Connection | 2022
I created this updated logo and graphic for a local business called the Lovelight Connection which is an amazing holistic healing center and spriritual community in Grayslake, IL. The owner Colleen reached out to me with her vision for the wings of a pheonix to symbolize the feminine power and strength that is the backbone of her brand. We wanted to take the logo I created previously and give it some new life as she wanted to take her business in a new direction. 

Womens Equity Circle Logo
I created this logo for a virtual women’s circle that was held in 2020-2021 over Zoom. This women’s group was created to allow for a safe space to discuss and debate various issues that the women in our society have to face. We covered topics from sexism in the workplace to racial inequality to body image issues. This community was very supportive, loving, caring and spunky. I was asked to create a logo that was fun, feminine and bold like the women inside of the group. Click here to see the other designs that I still love but didn’t quite make the cut. 

It Takes Guts Podcast Cover
I created this podcast cover for one of my clients: The American Foregut Society. This society was created as a collective front where gastroenterologists and surgeons who focus in foregut diseases can unite to help evolve the medicine & techniques that help to treat these diseases.